Dr. Jency Johnson

Departments: Dental Department, Pediatric Excellence Center
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil
Speciality: Specialist Pediatric Dentist
Availability: Full Time

More About The Doctor:

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai 

Dr Jency Samuel Johnson is an experienced DHA and HAAD licensed Specialist Pediatric Dentist with a habit for excellence and known history of customer gratification. With more than 12 years of dental expertise under her feather, she has handled cases of varying complexities, worked in diverse healthcare facilities both in UAE and abroad.  She is the best pediatric dentist in dubai, UAE working at the best luxury hospital HMS Mirdif Hospital which is a part of HMs Group. Her on-the-job experience has afforded her a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate leadership and interpersonal skills. She is a gifted diagnostician providing a patient-centric treatment plan concurrent with latest dental technology available at her disposal. 

She has handled cases in OP, IP, ICU and Emergency Care
Interceptive orthodontics and pediatric endodontics are her favorite avenues of patient care.

She’s a passionate advocate of painless dentistry and believes in restoration of both aesthetics and function.

She promotes the belief that early monitoring of the growth and orofacial development while sensitively subverting the maladaptive habits, prevents the need for further complicated surgeries at a later phase. 
She’s proficient in administering full mouth pediatric dental rehabilitation both in clinical set up with behavior management techniques with or without conscious sedation and in OT under general anesthesia.

Her hospital training comes with management of pediatric traumatic dental injuries, special needs children dental rehabilitation, management of children with systemic diseases etc. Conjointly with a team of medical experts.

Dr Jency has presented papers in international platforms and have several research publications to her merit. In addition to her academic excellence (Silver Medalist) in pediatric dentistry, she is proactively widening her practical experience and updating her skill set by attending numerous international workshops and conferences.  

Dr. Jency's specialised pediatric dental services

  • Pediatric Endodontics
  • Pediatric Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Conscious Sedation (Laughing Gas)
  • General anesthesia (Full mouth rehabilitation)
  • Esthetic Zirconia crowns and Strip crowns
  • Myofunctional appliance therapy
  • Preventive Oral Health Dentistry and Dental HOME
  • Infant Oral Healthcare
  • Space management and Space regainer appliance therapy
  • Pediatric Interceptive Orthodontics
  • Special Needs Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Diet and Oral Hygiene counselling
  • Guidance of Eruption and Serial Extraction
  • Hospital Dentistry
  • Pediatric Prosthodontic rehabilitation
  • Behavioral Management
  • Child Psychology
  • Minor oral surgeries
  • Habit Breaking appliance therapy
  • Management of traumatic dental injuries
  • Oral disease Risk Assessment
  • Management of MIH
  • School Dental Health Services

Professional Membership:

  • Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority
  • Indian Dental Association
  • Indian Society of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
  • Karnataka State Dental Council
  • American Dental Association
  • National Association for Healthcare Quality
  • American Heart Association


  • Masters in MDS Pediatric Dentistry
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery