gastro treatmentsSwollen veins in your lower rectum are hemorrhoids. Although they frequently bleed, internal hemorrhoids are typically painless. Hemorrhoids on the outside could be painful. Hemorrhoids, often known as piles, are enlarged veins in the lower rectum and anus that resemble varicose veins.

Symptoms are:

The type of hemorrhoid will often determine the signs and symptoms.

There are 2 types of Hemorrhoids

  • External hemorrhoids
  • Internal hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids

These are located beneath the skin near your anus. Some warning signs and symptoms include:

  • Inflammation or itching in the anal area
  • Any discomfort or pain
  • Your anus is swollen.
  • Bleeding

Internal hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and treatments in dubai

Inside the rectum are internal hemorrhoids. They rarely cause discomfort and are typically impossible to see or feel. But straining or soreness during urinating can result in:

Bleeding is painless during bowel motions. Small amounts of bright red blood may be seen on your toilet tissue or in the bowl.
A prolapsed or projecting hemorrhoid that pushes through the anal orifice, causing discomfort and irritation.


Your anus's veins can expand or protrude as a result of pressure on them. Increased pressure in the lower rectum can cause hemorrhoids if:

  • Straining while going to the bathroom
  • Extended periods of time spent using the restroom
  • Experiencing persistent diarrhea or constipation
  • Getting fat
  • Having anal interactions while pregnant
  • Eating a diet low in fiber
  • Consistent heavy lifting

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