Dr. Ali Monjed Al Nabelsi

Departments: Internal Medicine Department
Languages: English, Arabic
Speciality: Specialist Internal Medicine
Availability: Full Time
Board Certificate: Syrian Board in Internal Medicine & Syrian Board in Cardiology

More About The Doctor:

Best Internal Medicine Doctor in Dubai

Over than 7 years’ experience in dealing and treatment of chronic and acute internal and cardiac diseases such as:

  1.  Hypertension
  2.  Diabetes
  3.  Abdominal pain 
  4.  Asthma
  5.  COPD
  6.  Heart Attacks 
  7.  Heart failure  
  8.  Arrhythmias
  9.  Infections 

Professional Membership:

  1.  Member in ESC (European Society of Cardiology)
  2.  Member in Syrian Cardiovascular Association   


  1.  Doctor of Medicine, Damascus University 2010
  2.  Master in Internal Medicine Disease, Damascus University 2015
  3.  Syrian Board in Internal Medicine, 2015
  4.  Master in Cardiovascular Diseases, Damascus University 2019
  5.  Syrian Board in Cardiovascular Diseases, 2019