Dr. Ahmed Elmelhat

Departments: Pediatric Excellence Center
Languages: English, Arabic
Speciality: Specialist Pediatrician & Neonatologist
Availability: Full Time
Board Certificate: Master degree of Pediatrics and Neonatology

More About The Doctor:

Best Neonatology and Pediatrician in Dubai

Dr. Ahmed Elmelhat is a specialist neonatology and pediatrician with fifteen years of experience working alongside the pediatric and NICU departments in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Arab of Emirates. I joined the Armed Forces Hospital Southern Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is one of the biggest tertiary care facilities in the KSA not only for medical care but in the medical education as well. It was my pleasure to work as a senior specialist at Latifa Women and Children Hospital, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates for 5 years then finally, I was honoured to join the most respected HMS group, Mirdif hospital. 

As specialist paediatrician, I can provide the care for patients in the outpatient clinic and the sickest children admitted in the inpatient department. 

As specialist neonatology, I have special interest in providing the best care for extremely low birth weight babies up to birth weight of 500 grams and extremely preterm babies up to 24 weeks of gestational age, critical cases of preterm or term babies, babies with congenital anomalies. I have the ability of doing all kinds of procedures in the NICU including all modes of mechanical ventilation, total parenteral nutrition, umbilical lines, percutaneous long lines, central lines, managing cases of jaundice in need for phototherapy or exchange transfusion.   

Professional Membership:

  • I graduated from the faculty of medicine, Cairo university of Egypt (Kasr-Alaini) and I obtained my paediatric and neonatology degree from Ain-Shams university, Egypt.


  • Faculty of medicine, Cairo university of Egypt (Kasr-Alaini)
  • Paediatric and neonatology degree from Ain-Shams university, Egypt.