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Flu Vaccine 2023 for Children and Adult

Protect Yourself and Your Family with The Flu Shot. Get Vaccinated and lead the way to a safer tomorrow!

HMS Mirdif Hospital started Flu Vaccine starting on 22nd August 2023 which will be applicable for the Pediatric, Internal Medicine, and ENT Departments.

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Flu Vaccine Description


Flu Vaccine 2023

Consultation + Vaccine


Flu Vaccine 2023

Vaccine + Administration


  • If you (your kid or themselves) are willing to sign a consent form and take the vaccine without consultation, pay only 99/-AED.
  • If you wanted a consultation with our Specialist/Consultants, an additional fee of 200/-AED will be charged

*Note: Consultations cannot be charged to Insurance Companies on account of a Visit for Flu Vaccine alone.

Kids Flu Vaccine

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Dr. Dirar Abdallah

Internal Medicine Department

Dr. Wafa Douleh

Internal Medicine Department

Dr. Mohamed Fawzy

ENT Department

Dr. Mohamed Sadik

Pediatric Excellence Center

Dr. Rahaf Al King

Internal Medicine Department

Dr. Marc Muller

ENT Department

Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand

ENT Department

Dr. Asma Jassim Banjab

Pediatric Excellence Center

Dr. Ali Zeinelabedeen Elsayed

Pediatric Excellence Center

Dr. Hanadi Shahla

ENT Department


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