Dr. Sam Aboud

Departments: ENT Department
Languages: English, Arabic
Speciality: Specialist Otolaryngologist
Availability: Full Time
Board Certificate: Syrian Board

More About The Doctor:

Dr. Sam Aboud - a specialist otolaryngologist, is recognized as one of the best ENT doctors in Dubai. He brings many years of invaluable experience to the ENT Department at HMS Mirdif Hospital, contributing significantly to healthcare in the UAE.

Dr. Sam worked as a supervisor in the AMAL organization for deaf children and as Director of the cochlear implant center at Almzaina Hospital. He serves as the Director of the Cochlear Implant Center at AL-BER Hospital and holds a position as a lecturer in the Syrian ENT Society, demonstrating his commitment to advancing expertise and contributing to the field of otolaryngology.

Key Services:

  • Cochlear implant surgery
  • Endoscopic and microscopic surgery
  • Mouth and salivary gland diseases and tumors
  • Larynx diseases and tumors
  • Rhino sinus disease
  • Rhinoplasty

Professional Membership:

  • Chair member in Syrian board comity
  • Chair member in Syrian ENT society


  • MD. Syrian board