Dr. Kholoud Alardha

Departments: Dental Department
Languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, Italian
Speciality: Specialist Orthodontist
Availability: Part Time
Board Certificate: Masters in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics

More About The Doctor:

Dr. Kholoud Alardha is a Specialist Orthodontist and Dentist with over 18 years of professional experience.  

Her background and core experience has come while serving with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as a Specialist Orthodontist, where she was able to curate her natural passion for excellence while ensuring the utmost in patient care and gratification.  Her own personal experience in Orthodontics and Orthodontic intervention gives her a patient centric focus on both the aesthetic and life changing possibilities with proper Orthodontic treatments and care.  

Dr. Kholoud’s passion for Orthodontics led her to Italy to further her education, where she obtained a Masters in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics. As part of her master’s program, Dr. Kholoud was fortunate to master her craft working with some of the world’s forefront leaders in Orthodontics and Orthodontic intervention practitioners.  

Throughout her professional career, Dr. Kholoud has been fortunate to lead on varied cases and treatments for patients of all ages (including children, adolescents, and adults). Further, she has extensive experience in treating children with congenital disorders including patients born with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other syndromes.  Her treatments in adult patients have included patients with skeletal malocclusion requiring Orthognathic (Maxillofacial) surgery, among other multidisciplinary and complicated adult cases.

As part of her continued learning and development in the field, Dr. Kholoud has attended, participated, and presented in several international dental conferences and programs throughout the world.  

Dr. Kholoud is a mother to three beautiful children, whom all have been versed in her core philosophy of instilling and teaching the importance of maintaining dental hygiene from a young age.  A philosophy she proudly shares each one of her patients.  

Professional Membership:

  • Member of UAE orthodontic society
  • Dubai Health Authority Licensed


  • Masters in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics