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Vascular Surgery in Dubai

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Vascular Surgery in Dubai

Vascular Surgery in Dubai

Vascular Surgery in General

  • Vascular Surgery is a type of surgery that can be used to treat a variety of heart and blood flow problems.

  • Varicose veins, aneurysms, thrombosis, and other conditions may necessitate surgery.

  • Endovascular surgery and open surgery are two options for vascular treatment.

  • Vascular surgery and endovascular therapy are involved in the treatment options.

What is Vascular System or Circulatory System

The vessels that carry blood and lymph through the body make up the vascular system, often known as the circulatory system. The arteries and veins transport blood throughout the body, supplying oxygen and nutrition to human tissues while also removing waste. Lymphatic fluid is carried through lymph veins (it is a clear colorless fluid containing water and blood cells). By filtering and draining lymph away from each region of the body, the lymphatic system helps to safeguard and maintain the body's fluid environment.

  • Visceral artery disease.
  • Vascular malformations.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD).
  • Non-healing wounds caused by vascular disease.
  • Diseases of the aorta.
  • Dialysis graft and fistula management.
  • Diabetes vascular disease and limb salvage.
  • Critical limb ischemia.
  • Carotid artery disease.
  • Aortic aneurysm (abdominal, thoracic).
  • Acute venous thrombosis.

What are vascular diseases and how does it affect you?

A condition that affects the arteries and veins is known as vascular disease. It also includes the lymphatic system, which is made up of small vessels through which lymph, a fluid probably contains infection-fighting white blood cells, travels from the tissues into the blood. The vascular illness most commonly impacts blood flow by obstructing or weakening blood arteries or destroying the valves present in veins. Vascular disease can cause organs and other body structures to be damaged as a result of reduced or entirely stopped blood flow. 
Vascular disease encompasses a wide range of conditions, some of which can be fatal:

The Vascular surgery department at HMS Mirdif Hospital treats conditions that affect the arteries, veins, and lymphatics. These are part of the body system that carries blood to and from the heart. If you have a condition that’s affecting your vascular health, you can depend only on the expertise and comprehensive care provided by our Medical team. From simple to complex, we will work together to improve your health with our most advanced diagnostic methods for a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Vascular Surgery in Dubai

You are more likely to have vascular disease as you get older. Our team of experts treats a full range of vascular disorders, using minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction. If your doctor suspects vascular disease, our Specialist may order non-invasive vascular testing. These are simple and painless tests using ultrasound to determine the presence, location, and severity of the vascular disease. 

Who Needs Vascular Surgery?

It is determined by the nature of the problem. Our Vascular surgeons in Dubai, UAE at HMS Mirdif Hospital thoroughly examine the patients and determine treatments based on each patient's problems.
Some people will not need surgery if they have vascular disease and follow their doctor's advice, which can be as simple as making lifestyle changes and/or taking medications.

But for other patients, surgery may improve the quality of their life by relieving pain and improving mobility and it may be critical in helping some people with vascular disease avoid serious problems such as heart attack and stroke.

As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications, which increases if the patient smokes, is obese, or has other serious conditions such as chronic lung disease. When the Vascular surgeon performs any operations on the chest or a major blood vessel, there is an additional risk.

Our team of Vascular Experts / Vascular Surgeons in UAE treat conditions such as:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Aortoiliac occlusive disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Carotid artery disease 
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Deep venous thrombosis (DVT/blood clot)
  • Diabetic foot conditions
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Peripheral aneurysm
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Renovascular conditions
  • Superficial venous thrombosis (phlebitis)
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Varicose veins
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Peripheral arterial disease [blockage to the arteries in the arms or legs); may cause pain or loss of limb]
  • Renal artery stenosis [the blockage of arteries to the kidney; may cause hypertension]
  • Mesenteric artery disease  [the blockage of the arteries to the intestines]
  • Aneurysm [Rupture can be lethal and ultrasound is a simple accurate way to measure and document the location of an aneurysm]
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon
    [spasm of the small arteries of the hands and feet]
    Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • [positional compression of the artery or vein in the shoulder]
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Vascular surgery in Dubai


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