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A General Practitioner, sometimes known as a GP, is a medical doctor who specializes in various disorders that affect the body and whose primary treatment does not include surgery.

General practitioners are the main family doctors who are educated to care for or provide comprehensive healthcare to the entire family, regardless of age. The top family doctor in Dubai can give preventative care such as routine health exams, immunization, risk assessments, screening tests, individualized counseling, and treatments for a healthier lifestyle in the UAE. They also provide general counsel to patients and may refer them to specialized doctors in the case of a serious disease.

HMS Mirdif Hospital has the best primary care physician or GP (General Practitioner) or the best doctors in Dubai, we deliver the highest quality care focusing on the patient's well-being. Our team of Medical experts is highly skilled in assessing problems and has extensive knowledge regarding a wide variety of medical conditions. They are mainly responsible to provide consultations and regular visits during admission, providing continuity of care in coordination with your treating Physician.

Our highly skilled General Practitioners have the widest range of roles among all medical care providers treating patients of any age and gender. Ensuring that your hospital stay with us will be comfortable and for you to be safely discharged to your home, and our Physicians are here to provide education to relatives so that they know how to provide care even after the patient’s discharge.

In an emergency, a general practitioner can provide life-saving treatment until emergency service arrives. They are an essential part of preventative medicine and provide patient health education.

Services provided by a General Practitioner

  • Treatment and diagnosis
  • Family medicine.
  • General practice.
  • Medical and health examinations.
  • Advice and information
  • Advice on health and diet.
  • Organizing healthcare.
  • Medication prescription
  • Screening and medical tests can be ordered.
  • Those at risk should receive early intervention.
  • Acute and chronic condition management
  • Referrals to specialized health care providers.
  • Worker's compensation, automobile accident insurance (TAC), and Department of Veterans Affairs regulations

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HMS Mirdif Hospital, which is part of HMS Health and Medical Services Group, provides healthcare services of international quality and outstanding performance with state of art advanced techniques. We set our performance through internationally recognized accrediting and certification bodies such as Joint Commission International (JCI) to improve patient safety and quality of health care within the United Arab Emirates community. Our valued patients can rest assured of the HMS brand, with JCI international accreditation, we are confident to build HMS Mirdif Hospital with 7-Star services.




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